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Essential WordPress SEO Setting for your WordPress Website

Every website owner wants to see his site rank on the search engine results page. If you want to increase your website traffic, then you need to pay attention to the WordPress SEO setting.

When you are launching a new blog site or business website, your success depends on traffic. Just learning a few basic SEO tips to optimize your site can give you noticeable website visibility and more traffic.

In this article, I will show the top WordPress SEO setting tips to help you improve your WordPress SEO setting and get more organic traffic.

To Learn WordPress SEO Setting

Experts saying that WordPress is SEO-friendly. So you have to take the number of steps that you need to take to optimize your WordPress SEO.

Before you start the WordPress SEO setting, you need to know the basics knowledge of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimization a website’s visibility on the organic search engine results in pages for a target set of keywords.

SEO is the technique, which makes it easy for search engines to find your website. It also helps a higher position of a webpage on the search engine results pages.

The higher the position of a webpage on the organic search engine results in pages, the more visible the page will give you more organic traffic.

Why is SEO Important?

Many people use search engines like- Google, and Bing- to discover. Organic traffic visits usually those sites, which webpages are ranking on the first search results pages.

If you don’t use SEO techniques, visitors have not found your website and you can’t get more traffic.

SEO helps you to get more organic visitors clicking through to your site. Seo techniques create a brand identity and increase organic traffic, which increases and boosts product sales and online visibility.

These search engines help you to allow your website to reach new audiences and visitors. If your website is the destination, then search engines are the roads that will help you to get people.

In other words, search engines provide your website with new targeted visitors or traffic. SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy, which can grow your business.

For example- if your site sells shirts, the search engine will send you people specifically looking to buy shirts.

So if you can get your website to the first page of search engine result pages, you can get more organic traffic and high opportunities to increase your business.

Then that’s why SEO is so important.

You don’t have to tech genius, just use these techniques below.

Let’s get started

Optimizing your WordPress SEO Settings.

Check your Sites visibility

WordPress has an option to hide your website from search engines. This option gives you time to work on your website before it’s ready to go public.

By default, you will get this option unchecked. Accidentally when this option gets checked and it makes your website unavailable to search engines.

If you want to visible your website on search results pages, you need to make sure that this option is unchecked.

To do these essential WordPress SEO settings, log in to the WordPress admin area of your site and navigate to the Settings option of your sidebar. Click on the Reading page.

You need to scroll down to the ‘Search Engine Visibility’ section and make sure that the box is unchecked.

Before you leave this page, don’t forget to click on the Save Changes button to store your changes.

Using Right Permalink structures

Your permalink settings define what format your page and post URLs will take, which have a big impact on SEO.

So if you want to optimize a better WordPress SEO setting, you should do is change your permalink settings. Right permalink structures are also known as SEO-friendly URLs.

SEO-friendly URLs explain the content of the post and page. This URL is easy to read by visitors and search engines.

An example of SEO friendly URL is:


This SEO-friendly URL is readable and a user can easily guess what they will see on the page just by looking at the URL.

An example of non SEO friendly URL is:



This non-SEO-friendly URL use numbers to the content and a user can not easily guess what they will find on the page by looking at the URL.

Using an SEO-friendly permalink improves your chances of getting better positions in search results pages.

To check and update your WordPress site’s permalink structure, you need to go to the Setting option and click on the Permalinks page.

Select the post name option and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to store your settings.

Note: If your website has been running for more than six months, please don’t change your permalink structure.

WWW vs non-WWW

If you are starting with your website, then you need to choose whether you want to use www(http://www.example.com) or non-www(http://example.com) in your websites URL.

Search engines consider these to be two different websites, so you need to choose one of them.

To set your preference to go to the Settings option and click on the General page. Add your preferred URL in both the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields.

Before you leave this page, don’t forget to click on the Save Changes button to store your changes.

Using WordPress SEO plugin

A number of SEO plugins offer comprehensive, advanced SEO management for every part of your website. These plugins are free and premium versions.

All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO plugin is available from the WordPress plugin directory. Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins.

These SEO plugins make sure that every part of your site is SEO-friendly. This free version of this SEO plugin can be installed from the WordPress plugin directory.

Yoast SEO plugin includes tools for setting keyword-rich meta descriptions on posts and pages and analyzes each piece of content for the keywords you list.

Well-optimized content gets a green light, poor content gets red, and a yellow light means the content needs improvement.

SEO plugins can save your time and effort and ensure that all parts of your posts and pages are optimized.

Add XML Sitemaps WordPress

An XML Sitemap is specially formatted like the lists every single page and post on your website. This makes it easy for search engines to find all of your pages and posts.

It does not boost your site’s search rankings, it only helps search engines find the pages and posts quickly.

If you are using SEO plugins, then it will automatically create an XML sitemap for your every page and post.

To find your sitemap, just write (http://example.com/sitemap_index.xml) on your browser. After searching you will get all of your sites XML Sitemap.

Add your site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console, also known as Webmaster Tools, is a set of tools offered by Google.

It provides repost and data to help you understand how your pages appear in search results. You also get to see the actual search terms how many people are using to find your website, how each page appears in the search result pages, and how your pages are clicked.

All of this information is helps you understand what’s working on your website and what’s not.

You can use Google’s Site Kit WordPress plugin to get data from Analytics and Search Console in your backend. You need to just install and activate Google’s Site Kit plugin, insert your tracking ID, and you’re set.

Optimizing your Blog Posts for SEO

If you want to rank on search engine results pages, you need to optimize your blog posts for SEO.

All SEO plugins help you to add a title, meta description, and focus keyword to every blog post and page. It also shows you a preview of what users will see.

I recommend that you optimize your post title and meta description to get maximum clicks.

Properly using Catagories and  Tags

Categories and tags help search engines understand your website structure and content.

WordPress allows you to easily sort your blog posts into categories and tags. This makes it easy for you to manage your content by topics and for your users to find the content they are looking for.

By using categories, you make it easy for your users to browse your website. These categories and tags also make it easier for search engines to browse your website.

Tags are useful for users exploring topics. But it’s not to use too many tags and to use them more than once or twice. Remember, you need to group your content, not just give it a description.

Optimize WordPress Comments

Comments can be a strong indication of user engagement on your site. Engaged visitors mean more links back to your website, more traffic, and improve SEO.

You have to make sure that your comments are real and not spam. Spammers submit comments with bad links, which can affect your search rankings.

Too many comments on a post can make your website slower, which can also affect your search rankings.

Full Posts vs Summaries or Excerpts

WordPress displays your posts from a number of pages like home page, category archive, tags archive, date archive, etc.

By default, it shows the full content on all those pages. This affects your site’s SEO, as search engines may find it to be duplicate content.

On the other hand full articles also make your archive pages load slower.

The easiest way to solve this is by showing summaries or excerpts instead of full articles.

You can do this by login into your admin dashboard and navigate to the Settings option. Then click on the Reading page and select summary.

Sites Speed and Performance

If your website is slow and takes time to load, it is difficult to rank on the search engine’s result page.

When your website is taking time to load, visitors are leaving your site within a few seconds. That means you have only a few seconds to present your content and engage visitors.

Leading search engines like Google now rank faster websites higher than slow loading websites.

To speed up your website using the well-optimized images, clean your website’s cache data, and uninstall your useless plugins.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that the connection between a user’s browser and the server they are connecting to.

This adds a security layer to your WordPress site. This makes your website more trustworthy.

Security and Safety of your site

WordPress is one of the most used platforms for website management systems in the world. It also means that WordPress is the most targeted platform for hackers.

Security and safety is a most important fact for every website owner. If your website is not secured, hackers will hack your website.

Google understands, your website is compromised by a hacker. If don’t want all your hard work on SEO to go to waste, improve the security of your website.

Make sure your Theme is Mobile Friendly

Take a look around and you will notice that our mobile devices are becoming the way to browsing the web. So you need to make sure your website is using a mobile-friendly theme.

You need to make sure the links are not too close together, and buttons are easily clickable. Your font shouldn’t be too small and your images not too big, both in file size and dimensions.


That’s all, I hope this article helped you learn how to properly optimize your WordPress SEO settings. If you follow this WordPress SEO setting, you will get more traffic within a few months.

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