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YouTube Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide

YouTube has come a long way since its inception in 2005. It’s now the most popular video-sharing site on the internet, with over 1 billion users and over 100 million unique visitors coming to the site every month. YouTube Marketing Strategy is the best way to promote your brands.

As of 2012, YouTube is also the second biggest search engine on the internet, after Google itself. With so many users flooding to YouTube each day to view videos, you can bet that there are lots of people who want to watch them!

YouTube is not just a tool for sharing news and views. It can also be used by the brands to gain the trust of their customers. It is being increasingly used for this purpose is YouTube. There are many business channels on YouTube which are owned by different companies or brands.

When you have a YouTube channel, you can upload videos for your followers to see. These video clips can be of you, sharing some information about the topic that is being discussed on your blog or on your YouTube channel.

We all know that YouTube is a video-sharing site and among all the video-sharing sites in the world, YouTube is the most popular and user friendly. So you can understand how many daily visitors are available on YouTube.

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What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is about introducing a product or service to them by uploading and sharing videos on YouTube. In a word, marketing a product or service through YouTube videos is called YouTube marketing.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, after Google. It’s also one of the most popular social media sites, with over a billion users worldwide. This makes it an ideal platform for marketing your business to a mass audience.

For example, if you are selling beauty products or services to women aged 16-30, YouTube is your best platform for finding customers who are actively searching for content related to your industry.

YouTube has more than 1 billion users, and it is the second-largest search engine after Google. YouTube is an excellent platform for getting your brand or product in front of a large audience and increasing traffic to your website.

YouTube is a great resource for small businesses. In 2014, marketers who used YouTube reported that they earned an average of $7.60 in revenue for every $1 spent on YouTube advertisements. The quality of the video, the number of views, and the number of subscribers to your channel are all taken into account when you rank in search engines.

There are several ways to increase viewership and create a loyal following on YouTube. The first thing you have to do is optimize your video so that it ranks higher in searches by choosing keywords related to your niche and including them in both your description and tags sections.

Why do YouTube marketing?

There are many ways to do online marketing. Of these, YouTube marketing has now become the most popular. There are many reasons for its popularity.

First of all, YouTube marketing can get traffic very fast. Which is a lot of time for a website. Again for a site, you have to spend money on hosting and domain first which is reluctant for newcomers. You don’t have to spend any money on YouTube.

YouTube marketing is so popular these days is that due to various updates of SEO rankings, the rankings of those who market with review sites are constantly dropping but YouTube is free from this effect. Again, those who decide to buy a product whose design Or when they are worried about the usage code, enter YouTube to know how to look at that product or how to use it, and so in the developed world, most of the people who go to YouTube buy something after that. Due to which YouTube is the base of buyers.

How to Earnings from YouTube?

YouTube is one of the thousands of ways to earn money online. You can also earn money from the world’s largest video-sharing site YouTube in a few special ways. Many people are making money from YouTube by making videos.

Make a video with a video camera. And if you don’t have a video camera, you can use your computer. One thing to keep in mind is that you must make fun / educational good quality videos.

If you want your channel to rely on tutorials, you can upload video tutorials here and nothing else. Or if you want to create a channel for video songs or dramas, it can be quite popular. One thing to keep in mind is that when you upload your videos, you must provide your keywords as well as the description of your video.

Now share your uploaded videos on various social networking sites. Because you don’t just have to upload, if you want to be popular, share your videos on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Create backlinks for your videos. One thing to keep in mind is that YouTube video publishing is also a form of blogging. So, you must create some backlinks to get a good position in YouTube, Google, and other search engines.

Just create a link to your topic-related site. Follow your competitors or people who are working as you. If you want to succeed, follow your competitors. See how successful they are. Read their success stories.

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How to make money from YouTube:

If you can create high-quality popular videos, or your channel is popular, you can get an offer from YouTube’s AdSense partnership. They will pay you a good amount every month if you partner.

You can apply for YouTube Partnership (Click This Link) by clicking this link. If they reject you, you will have to wait 2 more months to reapply. And if they accept your channel, then so be it. Because they will give you $ 200 per month.

You can also earn money through video reviews of different products or through various advertising videos. You can also give affiliate links to different products in the description of the video. You get paid to sell any product. Also, if you own a channel with a nice name or a good keyword, you can sell it later.

There are many people who buy channels with targeted keywords or beautiful names. Although YouTube doesn’t officially support it, it does. But it is time-consuming. All in all, if you can make quality popular videos, then you can also earn several thousand dollars from YouTube.

2nd Lesson Practice Publishing

Channels, AdSense are all suspended, they are gone, they see this post a little, you will benefit a lot, through this post you will know, how to earn income from YouTube by working in a legal way.

You need to do become a successful YouTuber

# A YouTube account
# A fairly good quality computer
# WebCam
# Digital cameras, you can use your mobile phone, no need for good cameras
# Internet connection
# Good video editing software (Hit Film Express can be used for free. High-quality video editing can be done with it.)
# Some good friends who will work with you in vain

There are many YouTubers in our country, some of them are successful, many others are working, but they can’t be successful. This is how I will be successful.
Success Full YouTuber is a well-known person in the world of the internet, who makes popular games, funny videos, prank videos, mobile unboxing videos and uploads them to YouTube and earns money from it, and there are many who share their daily lifestyle. Makes money by uploading videos.

Now think about which one to do?

If you think you are a good comedian then you can work with funny videos. You can make funny videos with two or three good friends. Give the name of a beautiful YouTube channel. Create the first video for your channel.

Some tips:

  • Make unique videos all the time, don’t try to copy from anyone
  • Don’t spam videos, don’t act dishonestly,
  • Don’t stop making videos, those who were successful YouTubers were like you and they didn’t have any subscribers in the first place.
  • Creative Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Make Money on YouTube from Today

1: Increase your website traffic

Suppose you have a web site, now that web site needs traffic you can use youtube, you can make a video by targeting your website you make a video on what services you want to provide through the web site You can easily create videos with PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, so when you upload a video, you can link to your website in the description of the video, it will increase the traffic to your website, from there will come an income from the uploaded video.

2: Make money by selling your product on YouTube

You can now sell your product through YouTube, use your ebook, music, mobile software, create your product video, use VideoMakerFX, and when you upload to YouTube, give your product purchase link in the video description.

3: Become an affiliate marketer and earn money by selling products:

Affiliate marketing is about making money by selling other people’s products through some commissions, thousands of companies enter into agreements with affiliate marketers to sell their company’s products and promote their companies such as Amazon and eBay, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and

If you want to become an affiliate marketer from YouTube, you need to create a review video of their product and a tutorial on how to use it. When you upload their video to YouTube, give your affiliate link in the video description You will get a commission on it

4: Become a YouTube personality

Those who have a star on YouTube are earning millions of dollars. BlueXephos is an example of this. This channel has billions of views. There will be more. He is earning about 7 to 8 dollars per 1000 views. , Educational videos, and can earn income from YouTube

5: Make income by making tutorial videos

There is a lot of demand for tutorial videos on youtube, think you know Photoshop, and various video editing, web design work now you can make income from youtube by making tutorials on these, and tutorial videos are viewed a lot on youtube.

6: Make money with videos of your child or your pet cat on YouTube

If you want to be popular or a star on YouTube, you don’t have to be a big singer, you have to be a big singer. Search by typing animal videos to see the number of views in those videos.

7: Playing games and recording them on YouTube and uploading it to YouTube

If you are crazy about games, you can make money by uploading them to YouTube. There is a lot of demand for Pokemon Go, FIFA games, and Minicraft games.

8: Earn income with unboxing videos and reviews of new mobiles

If you have a good budget, you can buy a new phone and review it, there is a lot of demand for mobile phone inbox and review videos on YouTube, you can earn more if you can speak in English while reviewing, speaking English all of the above If you can use these through income, your income will increase many times more

9. Become a YouTube Partner

Then click on My Channel from the options on the left to see your YouTube Channel. You will see another option called Video Manager above the name of your channel, click on it. Now after clicking on the Channel option on the left, you will see many options on the right. There you have to verify the partner with the mobile number to be the partner next to your name. You cannot monetize your videos without Partner Verified.

10. Uploading videos

Upload your video now. After uploading, you will see the Monetized option at the bottom of the video. Google will show different ads in your video from now on if you tick the Monetize with ads option here. However, be careful not to upload any type of copied video. Then YouTube will disable your Monetized option at any time.

11. Apply to AdSense

Now you need to apply for Google AdSense through your YouTube Channel. With this AdSense, you will withdraw money. Now you have to activate Monetization by clicking on the Monetization option from the Channel option on the left side and Enable Monetization button on the right side.

Then at the bottom, you will find another option called How Will Paid. Click on associate an AdSense account, click Next, log in with your Gmail ID and enter all the information.

How to increase the ranking of YouTube channels?

Increase the ranking of your YouTube channel but do not understand how to do YouTube channel SEO (Youtube SEO)?

It is for them that we organize our YouTube tutorials which are very important for YouTube marketing. Today we will discuss some important issues such as how to increase the ranking of YouTube channels as much as possible.

1. How To Use Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research

One of the important things to do in YouTube SEO is to know how to use keywords correctly. If you can’t use keywords properly in your videos.

You will never be able to get your channel in the middle of the rankings as per your requirements. Let’s see what we will notice in the case of providing keywords.

Use keywords that are searched at least 500 times a month. Use a keyword that has a minimum of 500 searches, so think about how many visitors you can expect automatically from just YouTube.

The use of several keywords in the 500 searches will definitely play a very good role in the ranking of your channel which you will actually find.

2. Try to make your video awesome:

Always remember that your video will suit the tastes of the viewers but you have to make the video. Don’t make videos that only a few people fall in love with.

Build your videos in a creative way by relying on good information and using your thinking consciousness in the right way.

If you want to make and publish an information-based video, try to make the video self-contained with all kinds of accurate information in the middle of the video.

Bad signal for YouTube market

Looking at the current state of YouTube, I couldn’t help but say the words.

Everyone knows the reason for the loss of our stock market. Many people were greedily trading in stocks without knowing anything.

Not just sitting still, they have broken YouTube’s community guidelines with 18+ content ranging from copyright, spamming. They are turning YouTube into a chat room.

They do not understand any rules or anything. For this reason, Google is now feeding the whole market. One channel after another, Adsense is disappearing and those greedy people.

How to Creating a YouTube Channel:

First, you need to create a YouTube Channel with your Gmail ID. If you go to YouTube.Com and sign up with your Gmail ID, your YouTube Channel will be created.

Become a YouTube Partner:

Then click on My Channel from the options on the left to see your YouTube Channel. You will see another option called Video Manager above the name of your channel, click on it. Now after clicking on the Channel option on the left, you will see many options on the right. There you have to verify the partner with the mobile number to be the partner next to your name. You cannot monetize your videos without Partner Verified.

Video Upload:

Upload your video now. After uploading, you will see the Monetized option at the bottom of the video. Google will show different ads in your video from now on if you tick the Monetize with ads option here. However, be careful not to upload any type of copied video. Then YouTube will disable your Monetized option at any time.

Apply for AdSense:

Now you need to apply for Google AdSense through your YouTube Channel. With this AdSense, you will withdraw money. Now you have to activate Monetization by clicking on the Monetization option from the Channel option on the left side and Enable Monetization button on the right side.

Then at the bottom, you will find another option called How Will Paid. There, click on associate an AdSense account, click Next, log in with your Gmail ID and enter all the information, then your AdSense Request will be gone. Now in 2-3 days, your AdSense Approve mail will arrive in your inbox.

Guidelines for YouTube Marketing

Income from YouTube – a household name nowadays. There is a huge craze about this, especially among the youth. Anyway, by getting a good camera or camera phone, they are starting the work of giving content on YouTube with some friends. There is another group of passers-by who can be called online marketers on the way to this income.

They have taken or are taking this medium as a professional career and they are serious enough to work through this medium. Many of them have started working from a new stage and are seeing great success in a short time.

For example, below is the introduction of a channel. He did a Video Marketing Advanced Course from ZafiDigital and after about 5 months of trying, he was able to start this channel.

Although several of his channels were suspended in the beginning, he did not stop and started over and over again, making this channel a success. Currently the total views of his channel: 14,803,862! Very soon I will tell his success story in front of everyone.

Overall, YouTube is now one of the most popular sources of online income. So today’s article basically highlights, what are the things you need to keep in mind to be a successful YouTube marketer. Whether you are completely new to this line or have experienced it for a long time, hopefully from today’s article you will find some clear guidelines to take your YouTube career forward. So let’s get started.

01. Get to know YouTube before opening a YouTube account

YouTube is currently one of the few giant platforms in the internet world. One-third of the entire Internet population regularly visits YouTube. Then it is understood how popular this medium of online video sharing is. And to build a career using this popularity, everyone is in a hurry to start uploading videos on YouTube, which is one of the biggest mistakes of new marketers.

If you are new to YouTube or are planning to work long-term here, you must first have a clear knowledge of YouTube and its various guidelines. You can never take advantage of this hugely popular platform without knowing YouTube well. In order to keep your channel alive, especially on YouTube, you don’t just have to follow the rules and regulations of YouTube, you have to be a Value Providing User. That means you have to make sure that your work always gets YouTube visitors’ value. This matter is very important.

02. There is only one path to success, not many

Another big mistake for those who are new to YouTube earning is to keep looking for good tutorials or methods. In fact, it is a kind of disease. In fact, there are many strategies or methods to earn or succeed from YouTube, but there is no such thing as the best method. Those who are just starting out should follow any good (and up-to-date) guidelines. You can’t jump to that method by looking at another tutorial or course while working on a strategy. Remember, your success story will stop right there whenever you jump until you get back to your line. So learn to work well from anyone good source and stick to it until you are successful. It is possible to succeed in any strategy from YouTube if you know how to work in the right way.

03. Can I be successful if I work on any night?

As soon as any experienced marketer hears this question, he will understand that the questioner has started his journey on YouTube with a completely wrong mindset. There is no such thing as a successful niche, the quality of your work and your creativity will determine if you can be successful. And in the case of niche selection, you must do research on YouTube. There are a lot of things on YouTube that can be made into videos, and there is no limit to the interest of visitors to them.

Again, if you are regularly updated with the trends of the whole world, then you can gain popularity by presenting a completely new topic in front of the YouTube audience. So at the beginning of the work of YouTube, you have to move your mindset in the right direction, because traditionally we start YouTube marketing with a lot of misconceptions, which later hinders our success. That’s why the first class of my video marketing course is designed entirely to create a mindset for course participants. So no matter what stage of work you are in, fix your mindset today.

04. Properly sorting channels is very important

You may have heard this many times, but it must be said that your channel is the root of your YouTube marketing business. If the roots are weak, the whole tree may become shaky. Properly brand your channel. Every step from creating a logo to uploading a video to a channel is part of your branding.

Even how you ask viewers to subscribe at the end or beginning of each video is much more important. But the unfortunate truth is that the new YouTube marketers completely avoid this issue, and later fall into despair without success even after working for a long time.

05. If you don’t know how to do research, quit YouTube Marketing today

Gee, at the moment the main skill of YouTube marketers should be to know how to do good research. But without paying attention to that, new marketers waste time running after various shortcut tricks. Almost everyone searches on YouTube for SEO Factors but does not realize how much research is involved with those factors. In the 2nd class of my course, I teach you how to find out the SEO Factors of YouTube by doing research from inside YouTube.

In other words, I do not give a list of SEO Factors, but I teach you how to find out where these factors are working and why YouTube is giving importance to them. I think learning to think this way will really make YouTube marketers better researchers.

So those of you who want to start a new job, start thinking a little differently from today. There are all kinds of secrets hidden inside YouTube, your job is to research and find them. You won’t benefit from someone’s ready-made list. Research More On YouTube

06. Give time to make good video making without running after different tricks

The second major skill of new marketers should be to be proficient in video making. Over the past year, YouTube has made great changes to its platform. And at the heart of all this change is improving the quality of videos that are constantly being uploaded to YouTube.

This means that YouTube wants its content creators to be interested in creating better content/videos. And a good video starts with a good idea, but its execution is with good making.

This means that no matter how good your idea is, if your video-making quality is not good, viewers will move to another video very quickly and YouTube will drop your video overall ranking by noticing that. Sad but true is the fact that almost all of the sources of YouTube marketing learning are about good video making.

Also, newcomers generally think that working with good software will make a good video. But in reality, the software will work as a blessing for you only when you plan every scene of a video in advance with the right idea. If I get a chance, I will write something new in this regard.

07. Thumbnail is your salesman

Your thumbnails must be good if you want to get regular good views on your videos. There is no alternative. Many of us think that finding a good image related to my video from Google and thumbnailing it might work. But there is also the game of research.

It doesn’t work if you make three images, but you must research other videos of your niche and find out what elements are in your thumbnail that can be successful. As I said in the title of this point, Thumbnail is your salesman, which means it is a competitive job.

There are multiple videos on the same subject on YouTube, so why would a viewer watch yours excluding others’ videos? The answer is that your thumbnail will attract the viewer’s attention by losing the thumbnails of others. So here is the right combination of marketing and graphics.

08. What do I do to learn so much? If you do pay to boost

After uploading the video, the practice of taking a view with a paid view or ad is long. Although this has happened in our country only a few days ago. This is why there is a big misconception among new YouTubers, and that is that if you boost with a paid view, maybe that video will successfully start bringing a regular view.

This is actually a big misconception that many people are losing money by spending money on this and then leaving the job with some complaints.

The fact is that paid views or paid ads will only work for your video if you are able to do the rest of the above correctly. From now on, you have to pay attention to the quality of your work. Finding another alternative means wasting your long time.

In addition to these, there are many other things you need to work on. But the above are the main things, if you follow them properly, you can expect success on YouTube. Above all, I believe that your hard work and adequate research will make you successful in this sector.

Rules for opening a YouTube channel

To open a channel on YouTube, you must first sign in here. Sign in with your Gmail ID and a password. After signing in, if the screen appears in front of you like the picture below, then click on the part marked in red (My Channel). Otherwise, go straight to the next step.

Now click on the Profile Picture option in the right corner of the screen that will come in front of you. Then click on the YouTube Settings option.

Now look at the very bottom of this new screen, click on the option called Create a new Channel.

Enter your channel name in the box. In Category, select the type of channel you want to open. Now tick “I agree to Page Term” and press Done.

Your channel has been created. Now you have to do all the necessary Thumbnail images, cover, etc., and small beds according to the instructions. I hope you can do these things on your own. When it’s all over, start uploading your videos.

To upload a video, first press the Video tab. Then click on the Upload a Videotext. Then select the video of your choice and upload it to your newly created YouTube channel.

10 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Channel View and Subscribe

1. Create a captivating channel trailer that introduces you and your channel that someone will actually auto-play in your channel’s home. It plays a big role in giving you authority over your video.

2. Provide a strong call-to-action with a large annotation at the end of the video.

3. In addition to creating trending video content, create some video content that will never get old. Trending videos work quickly to get some views, but you also need to keep your channel memorable. There is no chance that your channel’s revenue will suddenly stop. And it also helps in Google ranking.

4. Put a subscribe button on your blog too. It is better if it is next to the embedded video.

5. In some cases, people only search with long-tail keywords. So if you make a video with something like this, you will use a long-tail description. It will get some views of those who are very interested in this.

6. You can use a YouTube Widget on your site or blog. The tint is a very good tool for this kind of work.

7. Ask your viewers to like it. Because Like in a video informs YouTube that your video is popular, then it prevails in YouTube search.

8. Always check and reply to comments on your videos. In this way, just as your viewer subscribers will understand that you are sincere towards them, YouTube will also understand that you dominate your viewers.

9. Promote each other’s channels by working with other YouTubers. Again the two of them make some co-branded videos together.

10. Find and get in touch with Creator Dashboard and Analytics. And ask them to share the video in their community.

FAQ on YouTube Marketing:

Answers to some questions related to YouTube.

How do I open a YouTube account?

Answer: Very simple, create a Gmail account. With your correct name, age, and phone number. Log in to YouTube with this account. There you will find ‘Create Channel’. Create your own channel through it. Add a good profile picture and cover photo. And upload any footage you create on your own camera. Yes, 50 percent of your work is ready.

I uploaded the video but the money is not coming.

Answer: You need to ‘Monetize’ your video to make money. Click on YouTube’s Video Manager, or a list will appear on the side, click on Channel-e, there you will get Monetization. From here you need to activate your account. (It is not possible to explain exactly how to activate, try it yourself and follow the steps).

Can I upload any video?

Answer: You can upload all videos but not all videos. Video or audio from any other movie or TV, even if your video contains someone else’s video or audio, will not be monetized, YouTube may block you immediately if you wish, and you may never open an AdSense account in your own name in the future. Can’t

I took a video of a singer singing at a neighborhood function, can I upload it?

Answer: In this case, the video is your own but since the audio is someone else’s so you can’t earn from it. Be aware, even if you have sung someone else’s song yourself, YouTube will not accept it.

How much money is possible to earn?

Answer: There is no correct answer. The view is the main source of income from YouTube. The more views a video has, the more money the video will earn. However, it is possible to earn from 1 to 5 dollars per thousand monetized views.

What is the monetized view?

Answer: Suppose the ad that appears in your video is in 1 minute. This time your video has got 5000 views but about 3000 of them may have seen your video in less than 1 minute. Then your monetized view will be only 2 thousand despite 5 thousand views. The only person whose account can see how much monetized view is by clicking on ‘Analytics’.

Since when is it possible to earn money?

Answer: It takes two to three days for your AdSense application to be approved. Once approved, your income starts.

When will I get the money?

Answer: You will not receive money until your income level is $100. If it is $100, a letter from Google will come to your house and it will have a code number. With that code number, you will have to give your bank account details i.e. bank name, account holder name, Swift code, etc. Your name and address in your bank account must match the name in your Gmail account, otherwise, you will not receive this money. So when opening an account, use the name of the bank account and the address is given there.

How soon will the money come?

Answer: YouTube is basically a medium where people share their videos. This site is not making an initial million bucks. So if you open a youtube channel thinking you will make money then you will be disappointed. You have to be patient to get money from YouTube. It may take a year or more to get your first paycheck, but once the money starts coming in and your video gets at least 10,000 views a day, believe me, you don’t have to do any more work.

Can everyone earn money?

Answer: Anyone over the age of eighteen can make money with their own basic video. But how popular Car Video is will depend a bit on your skills and your luck. There are a lot of people who are earning thousands of rupees every day with pictures of their pet cats and there are many people who are not able to earn a single dollar by making various videos by themselves. So it is not impossible to make money from YouTube if you can manage your YouTube account properly.


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, and it’s also one of the most effective platforms for marketing. It’s a common misconception that video marketing only works for big businesses and companies with large budgets. With some creativity and effort, small businesses can reap the benefits of YouTube marketing as well. If you’re interested in learning more about using YouTube to market your business, we’d love to connect with you online today.

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